Creative community idea: virtual talent show!

Are you looking for something new and different to do with your online community?


Set up a virtual talent show.




Bonding experiences

In high school, I made a frightening attempt to sing an Andrews Sisters song with two of my friends at our school talent show.  It was epic in its badness, but my friends on stage with me, and our friends in the audience, all bonded over the experience.  It became part of our "friendship lore."


Your online community needs to have "friendship lore" like that, along with celebrations and traditions.  


Ideas for setting up an online community virtual talent show


Setting up a virtual talent show could be as simple as having everyone record a video of their talent and then uploading it to the community site (or a social site like YouTube).  You might want to set up some ground rules first, based on the tone and mission of your community.  Here are some other ideas:

  • Consider using moderation tools to screen videos before they go live on your site
  • Use the "like" feature for voting
  • Offer a prize, either a tangible item or "bragging rights" like a custom badge or title
  • Make it an annual event if it goes well
  • Invite celebrity judges related to your community's topic area
  • Join forces with another online community and pit your talent against theirs
  • Make a Twitter hashtag to help spread the word about your virtual talent show
  • Either allow member uploads during a certain period of time, up to a deadline, or have everyone submit their videos to you, so that you can post them all at once
  • This same concept could work for a story contest or audio-only contest, if your members are camera-shy 


So what's your talent?  


If anyone goes out and implements this idea in their community, please come back and let me know! I'd love to see it!  (But no, I won't be submitting an Andrews Sisters performance video.)



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