We're pleased to debut a new logo for Hoop.la

The angular design of the letter H has openings at the top and bottom, representing the open doors of a community and the free flow of information/communication.  The open doors also resemble comment pointers.

The new branding will be reflected in the Hoop.la application, when we roll out a software update for everyone tomorrow.

We hope you like it!

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Clean, simple, and with effective meaning. Also fitting on any site's theme, as it's cyan is never too dark nor too bright.

And the text color appears to change to white or black by itself depending on page background? Nice touch!

After living with the new logo for 12 days:

  • It's very big (double the height of regular text). That makes it double the height of our copyright notice in our page footer.
  • It doesn't explain the relationship between our community and Hoop.la. With the old "Powered by Social Strata" logo, it was easy to understand Social Strata's role.  That's not clear with the new logo.
  • We'd prefer to have some options for the colour of the logo (preferably grey). Our corporate branding directive is to go with shades-of-grey wherever possible.



I haven't commented on this yet, but while looking into creating our own IOS home screen lock favicon, I found this thread. Lucky you.

I'm not a fan of teal in any use. Doesn't help that obviously this was designed by a San Jose Sharks fan. Go Jackets!

I would probably have cut off the top pointy triangle on the stylized 'H' to accentuate the logo looking more like a "talk bubble" (which was the intent, right?)

Anyway... so on what admin page do I paste my link rel="apple-touch-icon"  code?