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As many of you know, we recently migrated all sites to SSL. One consequence of switching to SSL is that some Social Network integrations may need to be updated. This is due to OAuth callback URLs which are registered for each Social Network and are used to validate the authenticity of requests made through the various APIs that enable these features.

Since each customer controls their own Social Network integrations, you must fix the issue if it applies to your site. If you are using any Social Networks and your community was included in the SSL migration, then you'll want to go through the integration process and update any URLs to use the HTTPS version for your community.

On another similar but unrelated note, Twitter has recently modified the requirements for their login integration. As a result, if your site is integrated with Twitter, you will need to update your Twitter app configuration's callback URL. To do so, you will need to go into your site control panel to set the new Callback URL under CP -> Basics -> Social Networks.

Click to edit the integration for Twitter, and the new Callback URL will be displayed. Follow the link to go to your Twitter Developer control panel where you can set the new callback URL.

To be clear, this Twitter change will be required for all sites with Twitter integration enabled, not just sites included in the SSL migration.

As always, if you have any questions or issues in the process of making the updates, please submit a support topic via or by email to

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