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Re: Make The Activity Stream Even Better

Lhisa ·
What would be great is to jazz up the activity stream widget where your tech script writer make it possible to configure that module to show all visitor activity on the site (even those of bots). There should be a functionality to limit the activity...

FB Messenger Chatbot for Community Promotion

Yasmin ·
Hello, Hoop.la people! We migrated our community from Facebook at the end of last year and have been looking for creative ways to bring more of our Facebook following to our shiny new Hoop.la space. We came up with an interesting option! We implemented a chatbot for Facebook Messenger that allows us to automate correspondence with our fan base and offer them options based on keyword inputs. It's a great way to steer our Facebook audience into specific areas of the community based on their...

Re: FB Messenger Chatbot for Community Promotion

Rosemary O'Neill ·
Thanks for sharing this tip, Yasmin! I think there might be others who would like to try something like that to leverage their own FB audiences.