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Hi everyone!

My name is Elshara Silverheart. And it's really nice to meet you.

I hope you are doing well and are having an awesome 2019! Happy new year, be it a belated post on this topic to you and your loved ones.

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and I've been a community administrator/creator since 2009. My specialty has been with Ning, Spruz, Oxwall, socibd, VBulletin, IPBoard, Wordpress, Dolphin, social Engine, PHPFox etc the list goes on during the past 10 years. I've seen companies rise and dwindle away, their businesses existing but barely holding on.

As someone who has used paid, free and hybrid software to build not just a forum, but a community centered around files, notifications and an accessible interface for posting, creating and managing content and profiles, I've had a lot of success and difficulties along the way. I have a 100% visual impairment requiring me to use a screen reader to manage software relating to all aspects of the computer, something I don't regret doing. And I've seen tons of design interfaces be implemented as a result. One of these, not just in the usability department, is coding standards becoming increasingly more challenging to work with directly. things like visual editors, drag and drop interfaces, mouse and hover functions, lack of mobile compatibility, that sort of thing. I've also noticed a trend with many companies, where older practices designed to keep accessibility and general user navigation at the forefront of links, front page access and or global configuration has slowly but surely been replaced with more complicated interfaces where it's difficult to do what you expect to do on an online website, especially a social network.

Despite my issues with the layout of most online websites, save for a few, I still live in hope that there is companies out there who understand the need for primary navigation to be at the forefront of their customer success and key business strategies. Not just for data posting, but for functionality reasons as well. This is why I've been looking forward to asking members of the Hoop.la community, what would you say are your experiences concerning such here?

The reason I bring this up, is because I've only recently heard/found out Hoop.la exists. As accessibility is one of my personal reasons for choosing an online platform, another one is stability. So far I like what I see here. Although the main navigation is a bit cluttered, it's useful for getting to where you need to go. Most online editors are hard to use, this one is not. I believe the advertising first hand when on the main website for showcasing hoop.la, in no uncertain terms there's a statement clearly saying, we pay attention to the smallest detail. From what I've seen, this is true, and from my point of view, a primary keyboard shortcut user at that, I can definitely back that up. As such, I'm thinking about porting an existing community over to here and am interested to know if you have any tips or advice as a dedicated hoop.la community leaders on what to expect. How good the interface is, and whether or not it's worth it to make the switch to a platform whose advertised price tag was clearly written on April fools day.

I don't mean to be a bother, you probably never never met someone like me before. I am a spiritual but non religious person, and I'm also interested in science, space and the future of technology and artificial intelligence. I've mostly hung out in metaphysical web circles, but have also been known to enjoy being a writer and musician in my spare time as well. As someone who as aspergers and ADHD, I find it difficult to focus on programming per say, as I basically have come to learn about everything in as much of an object orientated way as possible. I'm a huge sci-fi fan and also love to chat with people. I'm warm hearted, friendly and love to help where I can.

Now you see why I'm attracted to online communities, I've owned, managed and curated content for some of the best social circles around for metaphysical interests among others. I'm looking for a home to bring a few hundred thousand people on board to join. Would you recommend hoop.la or some other professional and currently up to date platform to me for my needs? the platform you've built here, is one that is strong, has a future and is well groomed and maintained. A rarity in today's social 2.0 market. I've gone so far as to try programming using source code of more than 14 SARs platforms, and haven't been successful at doing anything other than constant maintenance, even from a dedicated server standpoint. I've been around the block, so many times that I just want to focus my remaining energy on not building repairs to a system that shouldn't need that many just to exist in the first place over time. Linux itself is one of those things which if you leave it, unlike windows, it hardly ever changes. Software on the other hand, it's half built to require bug fixes so much it is a huge deterrent to use it a lot of the time. I'm a 25.5 year old male and have spend more times in an SSH terminal than I would like, fixing out dated dependencies in an effort to try to restore accessibility to a modern not so friendly web for everyone to enjoy. I intend to improve my mission and efforts on focusing to make that history and or chapter of my life, a thing of the past.

thanks for reading my story. I look forward to being useful and know a thing or two about general website upkeep. Feel free to get in touch if you like.

Take care, and blessed be.


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Hello Elshara and welcome!  

With your permission I'd like to turn this into a public conversation so that some of the many Community Managers that use Hoop.la can provide their thoughts.  Would that be ok?

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