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Can you tell me where I go to change the activity title options and the community points or rank required to achieve a given activity title? Also, is it possible to add an activity title that requires more community points (or a higher community rank) than our current highest? Not sure if this makes sense...



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Hi Emma,

Activity Titles are now set via recipes which can be managed in the recipes section of the control panel. http://www.eenetconnect.ca/cp/manage-recipes

You can add new ones to the Activity Milestones category. Just click the "add recipe in this category" button and fill out the form by giving the recipe a name and filling in the points milestone field. The default recipe for activity milestones comes with the email notification action which you can remove if you don't want it. Then you have to add the "Set Activity Title" action, fill in the field, and click the "create recipe" button to save it.

From that point forward anyone that reaches the new points threshold will get the new activity title. The new recipe is not retroactive though. So if you already have people that have surpassed the threshold you would have to modify their activity titles manually. That can be done in the manage members section. http://www.eenetconnect.ca/cp/manage-members

Search for members using the point count field with the values you want to update. Then select all of the matches, select the "apply member title" from the drop down selection box, leave "activity title" selected, filling the new activity title, and click the "apply title" button.

And repeat that process for however many new activity titles you added. Please let me know if this helps.



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