Announcing the release of Eve Community version 1.3.7.

Product: Eve Community
Announcing Eve Community version 1.3.7. which will be released to all servers on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011. There is no downtime expected for this release.

With this release we have a lot of refinements and some fun new features designed to help you and your members extend your forums across other forms of social media. Full release notes are listed below, but here are the highlights that we think you'll be most interested in:

"Tweet this" and "Facebook like" You will find new options in your control panel, under Forums, Master Settings, Layout Options, to enable the Tweet and Facebook buttons on the top of each topic page.

Customizable too Both buttons are customizable using code that you can create using the twitter or the Facebook button generation pages.

We have also moved "Email a Friend" from the Tools button down to the header bar to make it more obvious. The "Rate it" feature has also been updated to make it more obvious and easier to use.

  1. The template for the login widget has been updated to make it more flexible. Existing login widgets will continue to work.
  2. Updated the optional constraint for images displayed inline using the IMG UBBCode to use CSS that is more widely supported by modern browsers. We've also applied the constraint to attached images.
  3. Added display email to User keyword search in the control panel.
  4. Added error codes to system-generated error messages to make it easier for our support staff to resolve errors.
  5. Display Premium Member Count on Registered Members Line (if site is using premium memberships)
Other changes/updates/fixes
  1. Fixed a rare photo album permissions issue
  3. Found several hard coded words that were converted to Wordlets (Thanks Bartek!)
  4. Fixed an issue where certain character wouldn't be maintained in forum titles after forum change
  5. Photo album popup bug
  6. Added support for embedding flash videos in Private Topics
  7. Made several changes to the Sitepay new account creation process to help clarify the process
  8. Fixed an issue where Mass mailer does not respect the Master Settings > Email Alias setting
  9. Fixed an Eve "bug" with displaying files staged by Social Strata's Operations.>
  10. Fixed a bug that could break the topic management popup
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Kudos for finally adding social media links!! I just tweeted my first link directly from the forum and the link did not shorten. I'm wondering why? Is this expected behavior since there was room for the entire (long) link?
That would be my assumption, that if the link fits it doesn't shorten.  It's Twitter's API.

I did test it on my site, which has a longish url, and the links automatically shorten for me.
It looks like the upgrade has occurred with our forums but I do not see the facebook login on the livecloud page. Is that something that we have to turn on in the control panel somewhere?
We have also moved "Email a Friend" from the Tools button down to the header bar to make it more obvious. The "Rate it" feature has also been updated to make it more obvious and easier to use.


How can we turn off the "Email a Friend" option?  We have a private board and the fact it can send an entire thread to people outside the board has our members very concerned.  I realize it was always there, but they didn't and they are not happy about this.  Please tell me there is a way to turn it off.  

Thank you,
Go into each forums's settings in the control panel, Under Forums, Specific Forums. Look under Display. "Enable Email Topic To A Friend" is half way down the page. You can shut it off there.

It's important to remember that if you see the button now that means Email A Friend has always been there, just not as prominently.
Thank you!!

I know it was always there... but members on the board didn't.   It was never an issue til it was in plain sight and they became panicked! They apparently don't trust each other lol  Thank you so much.

Are we able to run reports to see how many times the  'Email A Friend' function is used by our members? I like the change to make this more prominent.

It would be useful to get stats on how many times the Twitter and Facebook links are being used as well. Not sure if that's possible.

I realize for Facebook, you can sort of see this by looking at the "like" figure but you'd have to do that for each thread. It would be nice to have this (along with Twitter and "e-mail a friend") all in one place -- maybe on the monthly Eve report?

And I know you guys must be thinking -- geez, we've added these social media links and now they want more. Sorry! :-)

No need to apologize.  These are great ideas, just difficult to accomplish because of how these features work.  We are embedding code from Facebook and Twitter which results in a iframe being embedded on the page sourced from their servers.  Because this is an iframe we have really no way of knowing if a user clicks a link within that frame.

Its an extremely secure way for them to source their tools, but it also limits our ability to do certain things.  If something comes to mind that will make this feasible we will try and get it in a future release because those would be some really nice stats to have.


Not sure if I should post this here or start it's own topic.  While I love having the Facebook/Twitter buttons integrated, I noticed this morning that though I've tweeted certain topics, their tweet count remains zero. 

I ran a test and it goes to one right after the tweet, but when I come back into the discussion, it's reset to zero.

After doing some further testing, it actually appears like there may be some kind of caching issue with Twitter.  I've noticed the count is zero immediately after tweeting a topic, and then it usually takes a little bit of time for Twitter to track the count.  The count should be updated eventually.

It looks like we are using Twitter's API exactly as we're supposed to be, so if there is any issue with the count, it is an issue on Twitter's end.

Please let us know if the counts continue to reflect inaccurately after an extended period of time.  If they do, it would be helpful if you could provide URL examples of the topic URL as well as the tweet URL(s) so we can investigate the issue further if it happens again.


Hi Brian,

Okay - so yesterday morning I did this tweet,!/ which corresponds to this topic, and the tweet count still appears as zero.

Then yesterday, I also did this tweet:!/ corresponding to this topic,

And this tweet!/ for this topic, which shows 1 now but I had also re-tweeted it again this morning (this tweet,!/ so it should at least be 2.

And then 3 hours ago, this tweet!/ to this topic,

Does that help?
Hello Lugar and kimmer99,

Thanks for all of the useful links and information!

As far as I can tell, the issue is purely on Twitter's end.  Twitter admits to caching the counts on their servers, so it may take time for the count to update.  From their API FAQ:

"To improve performance we cache the count before displaying it. The cache is updated frequently but on some occasions it may look like your count is not increasing while the cache is updated. In addition, the count only includes public Tweets meaning a Tweet from a protected account will not cause an increase."

For now, I would say that you should just keep an eye on it for a few more days.  I don't know what "frequently" means to Twitter as far as cache updates goes.  If it's still not showing the proper count after a few more days, then you may want to contact Twitter to let them know about the issue, as it seems to be completely out of our control.

I hope that helps!


I also noticed this issue with the count staying at 0. For those who posted about it, did it ever update on your sites? I have not experienced this issue on other sites that use the Twitter API.


Thanks guys for the social media update. Keep them coming!

I just found this advice:Could this issue be connected to the shortened urls?


If your count stays at 0 even after Tweeting you may need to help the Tweet Button identify the correct URL to count. In this example we’ll Tweet the URL <code></code>

but also tell the Tweet Button that this short URL goes to <code></code>.

We do this to ensure our count is correct.

<code><script src="" type="text/javascript">
</script> <div> <a href=""
class="twitter-share-button" data-url=""
data-count="vertical">Tweet</a> </div></code>

Thanks for the info mod_ben.  We are using Twitter's own, internal URL shortening service, so I wouldn't think that would be necessary, but we'll look into it.


Are other people still experiencing these issues?  How often is the count correct vs. incorrect in your experience?





To answer your question asking if others are still experiencing is working somewhat better for us. At least, I see the number of tweets going up from zero but for some reason, I never feel like the number is accurate. And like mod_ben says, I have seen the number of tweets go back to zero. I just looked at a thread that I KNOW I tweeted about using the tweet button and it currently says zero, though it said 1 the other day.

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