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Hi, Susan:

You can do that in the Members>>Member Management section of your control panel. Select your members via the search (or all members), and then under Desired Action, choose Mass Email Selected Members.


Oh super, that was fast Lori.

Okay I'm a little nervous here...I've selected 'all members' and I see that there's a pull down menu that says "Mass email selected members" and a Submit button.

So far I haven't found where to input the email content. I presume that when I click Submit I'll be given a I haven't missed a field where I was supposed to put the email content in have I? (I'm a little worried that if I hit Submit, a random email gets sent out automatically so I'm just checking to be sure.)

Thanks for your help,


Yep, when you hit Submit, you'll be presented with another screen where you can input your message.

If you want to experiment, just select your own name from your membership list. Then you can test it to see how it works for you.

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