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Hi Kellyne-


Once you delete a member, their profile is removed and any posts they made will no longer be associated with their old account (and instead will be attributed to a Guest).


That said, you can manually change authorship of any post (blog, topic, clip, comment), so you can actually do this manually for each post. If there are not too many posts by the user, that is the best option.  To change authorship, edit the post in question, look for the author name and click on the "Change" link.


If you need this done by us as bulk action, that MAY be possible (I'd have to check with our developers), but that would require a fee to cover our time to go into the database to make the change for all posts by that user (and again, I am not certain it can be done).  Let me know if you want me to investigate the feasibility of that.

Hi Ted,


Does the deleted member have to be the one who started the topic?  Is there anyway to tie his replies to his new account?  I don't see the "Change" button when I try to edit the Author of a reply.




No, the deleted member does not have to the one who started the topic. You can change the author for comments and replies, as well.


See this example:


Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.45.26 AM

I clicked to edit a reply to a topic by a guest.  Notice the "Change" link next to the "guest" name at the top? Click that and then start typing the name of the person (that has the new account) until you see his account as an option.


You'll see results below the input as you type, like so:


Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.47.24 AM


Click on the user's name in the dropdown list when you see a match.  Then save the edited post. 


Hope that helps!


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Hi Kellyne-


Sorry for any confusion... I was thinking you were on our platform, but you are clearly on Eve. Thus, the info I provided above about being able to change authors does not apply at all, unfortunately.

In terms of fee for us to relink posts to the new user account...


We can do the job, so long as you can give us an example of one of the user's original posts (before his account was deleted).  The cost would be $150 (one hour of advanced support time).


Let us know if you would like to proceed with that!

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