email address is not being accepted by the forum when I invite someone to join the forum.

I have emailed the person directly and the email has gone through.

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She's not going to be able to sign in as long as she remains in the moderation queue.  You need to approve her registration first.  There are 21 people in your moderation queue that are all in the same boat. They have requested to register but have not been approved.

Why do some people remain in the moderation queue? Is there something that
is checked off when they are invited to the forum? Most of the time they
are invited and then they are automatically put in they requested group.

It seems this person tried to register before an invite was sent. I don't see that email address on an invitation list and registration is generally available, but moderated.  Registration is not set to invite only.  In that case, anyone that registers without an invite, or before being invited, will be in the moderation queue.   Your settings indicate that anyone invited will bypass moderation, but will not bypass if they register without or before an invite.

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