This is our 3rd day with, and I must say I have found it enjoyable and a bit challenging at first. As a long time supporter of the Forums, I have dealt with Social Strata from the days of Infopop with the early versions UBB back sometime in 1999.


They even dabbled with a guest book at one time. is indeed different, having gradually moved from different versions of the UBB to  finally Eve, and having Eve for many years I was a bit hesitant in making the switch.


When I did decided to make the move I had some issues that were preventing me from coming onboard. From my very first post, Brian came out and started to work with me. I was put at ease with the way Brian navigated my choice of plan and the migration from Eve to


It all went without a hitch. I spent the last 2 days tweaking the layout and the colors. It is a lot easier than those early days when I would come in here and read what Charles Capps and David will write about and the ideas of  hacking the actual HTML to get the feel that you want. Those were really some learning nights that I had.


I want to express my gratitude to Brian, Dave and (Lori, I have dealt with her a few times) for the excellent work and Customer Service they have shown.  I myself work in the Customer Service sector and I know what that service means.  After some 12+ years of being with Infopop and all the name changes that I have seen with the company, I am glad that I maintained my loyalty.


Ted you have a great bunch of people working with you, I am sure though that you already know that.

Keep up the great service guys and again many many thanks.

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Hello Amral-


Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to give us such great feedback! It's extremely gratifying to hear, especially from someone like you who has been around since the early days.  


I'm also pleased to hear that you are enjoying using  We send out a monthly newsletter to all site owners, so look for that for news and tips.  I also recommend following @gethoopla on Twitter, since we post news about there as well.  

We've got lots of amazing new things planned for this year. I'm so glad you'll be along for the ride as we continue to make it the very best community platform.


Wishing you continue success with your site!



I'd like to add my thanks and appreciation for the excellent customer support offered by the folks at Social Strata.


Our experience is much like Amral's, We first used UBB, then EVE and now Hoopla. Our forum has almost 10,000 members, serves over 5 million pages per month and had a Terabyte of data to move from Eve to Hoopla! It all got moved without a problem and was fully functional on Hoopla within a few hours. I don't know how the move could have gone any smoother.


Keep it up, folks!



Thank you very much!  It's so great to have customers like you and Amral who have been with us so long.. and to see you both making a successful transition to!  Here's to many more years!

I have to say the same thing - you are all terrific. And incredibly patient.


I don't think I need to explain the the patient part....


Lynda (and Melanie)



Thank you!  I'm really glad I had the chance to meet with you in Pennsylvania.  It gave me (and us) a much better perspective on what you needed for your site.

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