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I was trying to remove all the moderated registrations from that queue. I got a ton of bogus/spam registrations today for some reason. So I selected them all at once and tried deleting them all in one shot. I've done this three or four times and they have not been removed. Can you help? I would like to clean up that area and don't have the wherewithal to try to delete them one by one. Thanks.

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Hi @Julie Usher,

Sorry for the troubles. It looks like there was a stuck job on the database that may have been affecting other users. We've corrected the problem, so can you try again now and see if you continue to experience issues?



I initiated the deletion (of 12) a few minutes ago, and the system just spins and spins. Even deleting one has taken eons in the past, and I never get notifications when done. It's still spinning . . . something seems wrong/too long about the whole deletion process

For now, you'll just have to wait for it to finish. I can see it's still running, and I'll let you know when it's done.

We do have plans to improve the deletion process in the future, as well.

Yeah, the current process won't give you a proper message. That's what we're planning to improve in the future.

I wouldn't recommend initiating the same request multiple times, as that's only going to cause further slowness/errors.

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