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I was trying to delete a For Sale posting that I had made.  I was trying to delete my older post from a few weeks ago.  Today, I just made a new For Sale post.  So, please don't delete the new post that I made today. 

I received a message that the page I was trying to access could not be found and also got the following reference ID.

Reference ID: 102792262238056593[1759734874][940267242]29.b144.77f156b-db075.ps001

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Hi @VinceL,

It looks like there was some kind of transient database error when trying to delete your post. I'd recommend you just try your request again. We don't ever delete posts on behalf of users, so you don't need to worry about us deleting anything on your behalf.

If you continue to have further issues, let us know!



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