How can our members contact you about Feepod issues?

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Sometimes our members have trouble using Feepod. Their transaction fails and they're not sure why (does your process tell them?), ....or they aren't receiving the receipt. It gets spam trapped, for example, and they don't know where to look for it (really).  So they contact us, and of course, we don't have an answer.  

I don't want to tell them to "go post in the support forum." What they need is your phone number and/or email address.  

Please post Feepod/Hoop's contact info, or Ted's home phone.  

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Hi Neil,

Your FeePod users can contact us through this support site, just like you do. Our support site is linked to via the Support menu on the website, as well. Our support site is also linked to in the FeePod Terms of Service that every member must agree to:

Alternatively, they can just email us at Finally, many members already respond directly to FeePod notification emails, which we receive and also respond to.

Hope that helps!


Thx for the reminders. I'm always a bit surprised when people seem lost about what to do or how to contact, but then, here I am wondering the same thing. 

TOS contact: who reads the TOS?

Feepod email:  In that recent user issue, she didn't get any email.  Even checked her gmail spam folder.  

We're finding that some potential premium members do not want to post their issues in forums (privacy concerns??) They want old fashioned contact info, and need it made obvious.   I will post your email address next to ours.   


You're welcome, Neil

Feepod email: In that recent user issue, she didn't get any email. Even checked her gmail spam folder.

If you'd like us to look into possible mail delivery issues with a particular user, we'd be happy to do that. We'd just need to know her email address. Note also that you should be receiving copies of all of the FeePod emails, as well (assuming you are subscribed), which should help you directly support your users in some cases, as well.

Thanks. Carol archives all those feepod emails. I get enough already.

Would be nice if there was a log I could look at when needed, however 


{I accept a certain level of frustration dealing with things like this. People try to use my business order form, things don't work, and they don't bother to read the messages or check their #'s before contacting me....but what can you do.)

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