How do I post a message to be displayed across all forums?

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How do I post a message to be displayed across all forums?  I would like to post a message to be viewed not only on the welcome home page of our message boards, but also as a greeting they can see at the top of each forum.  I realize you can add a personal description to each forum. However, this would be a generic message we want at the top that can be seen regardless of what forum the user is in.  Any help would be appreciated.




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Make your post in any forum, doesn't matter which. Then go back to the post and click edit. Then on the right select Feature, then select Feature across all forums.


Now that post is at the top of all of your forums.

Sorry, I gave you the instructions for


For Eve it is just as easy.


Post your message in any forum

Go back to the message and click  Admin, then Manage Topic

Select Feature, then Feature in all forums.  Click the submit button and it will appear in all of your forums.

Thank you!  I was actually hoping to post above the forums where it shows members online now.  So it's more like a welcome message that is displayed across all forums, not in all forums. Make sense?  

There isn't a way to get it to appear below the online now, but there is a way to get it immediately above it.  You have to do it forum by forum. Here's how you would do that


Go into the control panel and expand Forums, specific Forums, then choose a forum where you want this to appear. Click the link that says Forum Details. Now in the box labeled Intro Wording type your message.  This intro does support HTML so you can create pretty nice looking messages there.


Click update and look into that forum and you should see it immediately above the online box.


You would need to repeat for all forums.


You could also consider putting the message into your wrapper. You'll see that under Eve -> Display -> Settings -> HGTV May 2012 *ACTIVE* -> Custom HTML

I have a question about the Featured Post. How long does it stay a featured post? That is, do new posts override it?

Right now it seems to have taken out most of the recent posts. So the latest post is not showing.




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