How to add specific word to all page titles?

Product: Eve Community

For Analytics purposes, we need to add the word "Forums" to all pages on our Eve website:  


What's the best way to do this?  I'm not sure where in the control panel to look.  Thanks.


Dave V.

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Hi Dave,

You could add it to the footer...that would appear on all pages. (Display Settings > Style Editor, then Custom HTML to insert wording into the footer.)


Hope that helps! 



Thanks, Rosemary -- I think my original question wasn't clear, let me do a better job explaining.


We already have Google Analytics in our master HTML templates, as you suggested.  The problem is that GA automatically grabs page titles for certain reports.  So we end up with stuff like "Request Processed" in our page reports, and the editorial folks don't like it.  


What I want to do is have every page that Eve generates have the word "Forums" in the title.  So a page that's currently called "Request Processed" would have a title of "Forums Request Processed" or something like that.


Is that doable? 



Hi Dave,


There isn't a really easy way to re-title all of the pages, or even the bulk of them, given the way that Eve builds the pages that it serves.


Doable? Yes, via a customization, but inexpensive? Unfortunately no. Though the end results are small surprisingly it looks as though the time investiture wouldn't be insignificant.  Please let me know if we should work up a quote for you.

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