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Thanks for the question!

It's not on our short-term development schedule, so I don't have a time range for that to give you, unfortunately.  We do have a major release coming out in the next month or so, but it does not include that feature.

If you'd like a feature expedite quote, please let us know!

Hi Jane-


The chat feature is, unfortunately, a pretty large project, which is one reason we have not gotten to it yet.  The best quote we can offer for a feature expedite is $32,000 (one-time fee), with a turn-around time of 120 days.  I know that is expensive, but it really is a ton of work. Sorry I do not have a cheaper number for you!

To give you some background on the approach we would take for this feature...

It would work a bit like Slack (if you are familiar with that), in that there would be a dedicated chat pane that could be toggled on or off anytime by the user. When exposed, the pane would show you a list of all open chats (and potentially some older chats) and you would post your message via that chat pane, which would completely replace the normal interface while in use. 

The user would be notified of new chat messages whether in the regular pane or in the chat pane, so even if the chat pane is not open, you would be aware of activity there.

We would only support one-to-one chat initially (though our longer term goal would be to support multi-person chat).  We would support private chat permissions, as well.

If you have any further questions, please let me know!

Yikes! I can see why you haven't done it yet, Ted. If I had the money, I'd ask y'all to do it, though. It's just so handy. In the meantime, we'll just use Slack.

If we ever are in the position of having some extra money, I'll definitely be back in touch about this.

Thanks for all the info.

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