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I recall reading something on some time back (not sure where it is now) that feepod can be disabled. I see why a Standard or Pro plan user might do that, but what are the implications for someone using the Spark plan (formerly Apprentice plan). What happens if a Spark plan user requests to have feepod disabled? What would that mean to the Admins & what they are allowed to do? And how would it affect members on the site? I ask this because depending on the type of site being ran, feepod may not be necessary to use because the Admin may not require premium accounts for members to experience & enjoy the site. I just want to know as an Admin what I can expect if I request to remove feepod. Will I still retain the privileges I have to upload content & create dialogs, etc & will non-vip members be able to do similar things? Obviously over time, as a site grows the Admin may want to enable ads-ons that would be practical or simply need to upgrade to the Standard or Pro plan eventually & do that privately without requiring members to pay. 

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FeePod CAN be disabled, although that may not be necessary. If yours was the only premium membership sold on your site, you can simply cancel your membership in your (personal) control panel (Manage>>Your Account>>Premium Memberships. You'll want to do that pretty soon to avoid the automatic renewal of that membership.


Note that you can also disable premium memberships from your control panel, which will only prevent new and renewal memberships. That may be all you need to do.


As the Super Admin of the site, you do not need a premium membership in order to do anything on the site--as the Super Admin of your new plan, you have all the permissions available.


In terms of your members, you may want to look at the permissions that are currently granted to premium members. If there are permissions that you want your regular members to have, you'll need to remove them from the Premium Membership first, and then add them to All Members.


Hope that helps! Let me know if this raises other questions for you.



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