Issue With Blindness Accessibility After Updating to New Forum Style


We have a member who uses a screen reader. We updated to the new forum style, and now she isn't able to find the "post" button or the sidebar widgets. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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I sent her a message asking about her screen reader. Could this be happening because in the new forum style, posts just endlessly load? I haven't found a way to limit the number of posts that appear like in the old style.

I really at this point don't know yet. What I'm hoping is to find out what reader it is, then get one so that we can reproduce the problem and determine why it is skipping the post button.

Hi Rachel,

In trying to find the cause here, it's not clear that it ever worked. Switching back to legacy doesn't make it work, and we have not changed anything with the post button in the new version.  We logged it as a bug in our tracker and we will see if we can determine what the root of the issue is, but I don't have an ETA to give you on a determination or a fix.

Hm, very strange. I wonder if just the change itself has thrown her off. I'll talk with her again and see if she has any more insight. Otherwise, thanks so much for looking into it. 

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