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A new - relatively small - problem has arisen in my posting, as Administrator, on the Battle Plan Ministry Eve Community forums.  ... When I post a new message or reply and my signature is posted, the auto photo posted with my signature credentials is not there (just a small box with a "?" in it).   

I'm sorry  to bother you, ... but I can't remember where to find the signature dialog box to correct this.  I've forgotten how to find this to make the correction. 

I also note that when I put in an emoticon, for example with by posting "" which generally posts a winking smiley face, it won't post the emoticon.  

I'd appreciate some help on this ... Bill Berry 

Rev. Bill Berry Administrator, Battle Plan Ministry Forums
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Hi Bill,

I updated the URL for the broken image in your profile, but for future reference you can edit it by going:

Go -> Personal Zone -> Profile -> View/Edit Complete Profile

The emoticons were pointing to your old domain as well, so I updated them. Those settings are found in your Eve admin control panel:

Eve -> Display -> Custom Graemlins

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