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Is it possible to remove the permission to delete posts while still allowing users to edit their own posts?  It seems that the edit/delete posts permission is bundled.  I'd like to be able to separate those permissisions.


The primary intent is to prevent a user from starting a discussion and then subsequently deleting it along with all the contributions made by others.


It would be okay if we could do this by setting a grace period for edits and deletes. For example: A user could edit or delete posts within an hour of creating them (or some other duration), but once the grace period had expired, the user would no longer be able to edit or delete a post or discussion. 


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Hi, ST:


You are correct: those permissions are bundled. However, please note that while your members can delete their content, they cannot delete a topic-starting thread that has replies. Effectively, they cannot start a discussion and then delete it with all of the other contributions made. (They can, however, delete a post that they made in the middle of a thread, at any time.)


You can set a grace period for edits, but it will not apply to deletions. The grace period can be set in your control panel under Member Settings.


Hope that helps!



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