Question about pasting copied images into post (mceclip), image not found


Hey Hoop.

Rather than attach some images, for quick posts I will often snip an image from something I've found online and paste it into the post as a reference to what I'm talking about. Of course, this creates an "mceclip" attachment, which is a great feature, thank you very much.

So here's the question. After a certain amount of time, if I have not POSTED the post, and then finally go and post it, the mceclip shows up as "Image Not Found" in the completed post.  This happens even though the post was open in the browser and the image I pasted still appears in the post.  And of course, after it has been posted, through some strange browser magic, my browser STILL shows the image to me because I have that image on my computer, ...but to everyone else it is "IMAGE NOT FOUND."

Result: "egg on face."

I'm assuming that the pasted mceclip TIMES OUT somehow.

So how does that time-out process work? Is that your server? The Interweb?

And... it seems like the timing-out of an attached mceclip has gotten quite a bit shorter/quicker in the past year (because I seem to be getting more "image not found" reports). Something change on your end? Or am I just lucky?


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