Quick Tip for SEO and Accessibility - Image Details and Alt Tag in Posts

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You already know that you can insert images into your Hoop.la posts by clicking "Add Attachments."

But do you know how to refine the SEO value for each image? This quick tip offers some additional options that may help optimize your post (and make it easier to read for accessibility purposes).

You'll notice there's an Attachments box at the bottom of the post, which is where you can adjust the Title and Caption if you'd like to do so. The Title field will default to the filename, but it's better SEO to change it to something more descriptive (without keyword stuffing).

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 2.43.17 PM

Once you've inserted the image, if you highlight it and click the "image" tool in the WYSIWYG bar, you'll see this popup.

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 2.29.08 PM

The "source" field will be already populated with the URL to the image file.

The Image description will default to the filename; however, you should customize it, especially if it's something boring like "IMG2004.jpg".

Whatever you type in this field will become your "alt tag," so make it descriptive. For accessibility, it's always best practice to make the Alt tag literally describe what is in the image.

When you click the "caption" box, you can also add an integrated caption for even more description (if you didn't already do that in the Attachments box). Remember, the more detailed your words are, the better off your post will be, in terms of search engines.

You might also want to use the caption to give attribution if you are using a licensed image.

Editing the tags isn't a magic ticket to Page One on Google; however, anything that makes a page more readable to your whole audience will always make the search engines happier.

NOTE: this post has been significantly edited and improved, based on some great feedback from @neil and @CreativeCarol. Thanks!


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Thanks for the reminder. 

I wish the ALT tag was a field in the “insert/edit image” window. A lot easier than scrolling through source code. 

Thanks for this tip, Rosemary. The last time I checked, Pinterest also uses the "Title " info for what shows up as the description on a pin. It would be nice to have an easier way (other than accessing the HTML code) to add a data-pin-description.
(Sheesh. Your customers are always wanting more!)

Neil and Carol, I can't thank you both enough for commenting and revealing to me that this tip was half-baked!

I've completely redone it, and guess what? You already can edit the Title and the Alt tags without going into the code. 


Thanks for the clarification. 

I would suggest adjusting the word "Title" in the interface to "Title and Alt Tag" because "alt tag" is common web parlance, especially in SEO practice, and is an important thing to do (provide an alt tag).

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