Reporting: most popular topics all-time in a particular Forum?

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Hi Dave-

Unfortunately, there is no report built into Eve to deliver such a report for you. We can look into doing a database query to determine that info for you, but that would require developer time/professional services.  If you are interested in a quote for that, please let us know (it would be subject to a minimum rate of $200... I'm guessing that it would be that minimum but I'd need to check with our dev team to confirm.

I'd like to also say that if you were on our much more advanced platform, you can get this info quite easily using the Advanced Reporting feature there. With Advanced Reporting, you can get Leader Board info over any period of time for such things as: Most Popular Content, Most Viewed Content, Most Liked Content, Users WIth Most Visits, etc. It's really powerful.

More info about Advanced Reporting in

And we can do free data/content imports from Eve to, so you do not lose any content when you switch to

If you'd like a quote to move to, please let us know.

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