Search Results (Google) shows old name of our community

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The URL for our site is

The previous name of our forum was Bose L1® Musicians

In April we changed the name to Bose Professional Portable Systems

I changed the name in every place that I could in the forum settings but when I do a search in Google it still comes up under the old name.

When I do View Source on our main landing page I don't see the old name anywhere.  Can you think of any reason why the old name is showing up in search results? Is there some data embedded at your end that still has the old name?




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Hi ST,

This is something that Google can do for any search result. Google "knows best" and assigns whatever title to the records it thinks makes the most sense. There's not much that you (or we) can do to control it. You might reach out to Google support if you'd like them to do an update (though I'm guessing that may not help).

Here's a related article on the matter describing partially what they're doing:

And here's a doc directly from Google:

One thing you might consider that could help is changing your domain name to be a subdomain (e.g. which may help Google more accurately attribute the content and derive appropriate titles. As it stands right now, since really has no affiliation with, it likely can't make any formal connection.

If you are interested in making a domain name change, just let us know! We charge a $90 domain name change fee, and as part of that, we will set up 301/permanent redirects from the old to the new domain name that you choose.

Hope this helps!


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