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Is there a way for me to search for which members were online on a particular day? I see there's a search parameter for last online, but that doesn't appear to be an accurate listing of everyone who accessed the community on a particular day. We're really trying to get an accurate idea of how many members login each day.

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Alesa L.

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Hi Alesa,

You're right, the last visit search will only show you people who last visited on the date you searched for, not everyone that was on site that day. We don't have a way to search for everyone that visited on a particular day.

Unfortunately with a private site google Analytics wouldn't help.

Advanced reporting would give you the Active Members per day, and can give you the list of users. You would have to do a day by day report, one for each day, but it can get you the information that you're asking for.

please let us know if you are interested in the Advanced Reporting.

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