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I've got a lot of members that access Lightfighter.net via their phones. I guess they can't get enough, which is good. However, they can't access some forum features, like sending PM's, from their phones. Lots of forums use Taptalk to be able to use the forum from a phone, but Taptalk doesn't integrate with this software. What are the chances of getting a similar app written for Social Strata? C'mon, it'll be cool!

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Hi Haji-


We have no short-term plans to add an app for Eve.  However, our Hoop.la platform includes an iPhone app (and its better than Tapatalk because it is your own app, not a generic app that users sign into per site). We are also rolling out a mobile-optimized version of Hoop.la very soon as well.


Based on the size of lightfighter, you'd need to be on one of our pro plans.  


If you are interested in getting a quote for that or learning more, let us know.

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