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Our member list when sorted by "Sort By Community Rank" is not in order. For example, someone who has 1490 point appears before someone who has 2403 points.

Please advise on how to fix this.

Thank you!


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Hi Simon,

User ranks are not based upon points.  The points are kept for activity level titles, and are not the same as user ranks.

Ranks are based upon an algorithm that takes into account quite a number of things, not all of which are point earning activities.  We do not reveal the formula but we look at a lot of things. Your follows, quality of your contributions, and just a whole number of things that are not necessarily reflected in the points will count towards your rank.  We do not reveal the formula as we don't want people to game the system to gain Ranks.

Activity level titles are different. You can see your activity level titles defined in your Recipes under Milestones, and they are based strictly upon points earned. You can see how a user gains points via the points formula, though a user's points total can be added to or subtracted from by recipes that reward popular content or punish bad activities.

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