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I wanted to ask if it is possible to place a twitter feed into a chat event. Specifically, a twitter feed of a particular hashtag. We would like to run a chat event where we communicate on twitter and (ideally) inside the chat event so that participants can do either.

This is further complicated at the moment as the site is private so getting data out to twitter, I appreciate, probably isn't possible.

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Ted O'Neill

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Hi Darran-


We already have this idea (or similar) in our development queue. So yes, it is very possible.  It would be pulling data from Twitter, so the fact that your site is private is probably not an issue.. however, if it is private then no one outside of your site would be able to access your chat event, of course.

That's terrific - and most welcome


One other thing that might be another possible suggestion then, is partial privacy on a site. I could see the value of being able to assign different "pages" on the site as private or public. I do understand though, that this might be a bit of a headache to implement well.

Well, in a future release we will be adding new permissions for viewing/accessing the blog and clips, so that may give you most of what you are looking for, since you can already set access permissions on specific forums.

That would be brilliant ... any idea what the ETA on that upgrade will be?

Would it be possible to add permissions to the chat events too. The permissions system you have is great, but we've found that keeping the site private sort of limits the usefulness or the point of the ability to change permission, so additional tools to tune the site to exactly what you want to release and keep hidden would be fantastic. Many thanks for this Ted.

best wishes


I don't have an ETA for the twitter integration, unfortunately. I can tell you it is not scheduled for our next release, however.


As for your other idea about chat permissions, I would suggest creating a separate support topic/suggestion for that so it can get its own proper consideration.

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