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When I follow the instruction to update credit card info I am receiving the following error. I tried to follow the link to post a ticket but this appears to not be working. HELP!

Error Accessing My Social Strata Account

Although your Groupee authentication was correct, there are no Social Strata accounts that are linked to your Groupee account. Thus, you may not access this area.
If you believe this is an error, please contact us via our online support ticket system.

Thank you!

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I believe I have solved the issue and managed to get in. We had a former IT guy and I figured out how to get into the account and update the credit card. Now the cahrges must be attempted again. I did not see any option for that function. We have a total of 5 domains. www.americandj.com is our main one and the others are all listed when I login. Thanks for the help. I think we're good now.
Thanks, Yes they just came through. Of course all of thius happens when I'm out of the country and have a bad internet connection. but all is solved.