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Currently, our community is mapped to community.msgnetwork.com; we'd like to update to instead point community.msgnetworks.com (networks now being plural) and map to the community; question is, how do I go about making this update? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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One thing I should note:

dave@Davids-MacBook-Pro:~$ host community.msgnetworks.com

community.msgnetworks.com is an alias for community.msgnetwork.com.

community.msgnetwork.com is an alias for msg.evecommunity.net.

msg.evecommunity.net has address

If you ever go to clean up your DNS and delete the old record, then the new one will stop working. You should probably fix that CNAME to point to msg.evecommunity.net directly to prevent an accident caused by cleaning up the zone file in the future.

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