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In my forums, I have one forum where I do not permit replies, but my user's are reporting that they are also not able to edit their own posts. I want them to be able to edit. I do not want others to be able to reply in this forum. User's post have/want lists of trading cards they need. As they make trades, they should be able to update the lists. Any thoughts?  The user complaining is Saber79 and the forum is have/wants forum.

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Hi Cathy,


I would check to make sure that the user is a member of a permission group that gives the "Edit/Delete Own Posts" permission.  You can view your group permissions in your admin control panel under Eve -> Members -> Permission Snapshot and the permission for being able to edit their own posts is in the Forums -> Personal Permissions section.


Hope that helps!



He is in the All Members group which has the edit/delete own posts permission.


For the particular forum, I have limited permissions to remove REPLY to posts permissions, but there is no place to remove or add the edit/reply permissions for the specific forum.

Ok, another thing you can check is if that specific user has had that permission removed.  Go to the users profile and click the Permissions link, the expand Forums -> Personal Permissions again and make sure there is a check mark next to Edit/Delete Own Posts.  You can click on it to see if the permission has been disabled specifically for that user.  It should also list any groups they are a member of that grant the permission.

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